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Location One is one of the leading suppliers of equipment to the UK film industry. Offering a wide array of first-class equipment, Location One provides nationwide coverage meeting the demands and rigours of ‘On Location’ filming.



Punctual and precise same-day or next-day on-site delivery is what sets Location One apart in the market. Location One understands there is no room for error or delays when delivering essential equipment for the smooth running of film production on set.

That’s why the company felt the need of upgrading its smart vehicle cameras and tracking system on board its vehicles, in order to be able to view and download HD quality video footage live, as it happens, giving back control to fleet operators and enabling them to take required actions without delay.

Safety and security of equipment was also high on the list when choosing the preferred vehicle safety provider. Location One had recurrent issues of vehicles being stolen in the past. The tracker would be found by thieves in minutes and disconnected.



Location One VehicleUnderstanding the nature and demands of the business, Exeros proposed the installation of its fully integrated and highly robust TrackEye 4 + 5 Camera system with live over-the-air real-time 4G video and tracking; as well as its DVS 2020 vehicle safety equipment installed onto HGVs.

For safety and security purposes, the DVRs on board the vehicles were fully encrypted, having a dedicated viewing software which is smartphone enabled, and providing full software access management. This meant that unlike with previously installed systems by previous providers, the client did not require removing the hard drive from each vehicle in order to view and download the video footage any longer, but could efficiently view and download events as they happened via software from mobile or desktop.



The Exeros Solution provided Location One with the ability of downloading footage live over-the-air.

Since the installation of the TrackEye Systems onboard its’ vehicles, the client has also successfully recovered two stolen vans. Thanks to precise live location tracking and high-quality footage, on the second vehicle, Location One was able to provide the police with detailed vehicle location and recordings of the vehicle thief as it happened. The vehicle was recovered within 72 hours.

The Exeros camera and tracking system has saved us a fortune and paid for itself easily – two virtually brand new vehicles recovered within 72 hours. It’s also incredibly useful to be able to log into the live camera feed to check on driver progress. Not having to physically download data from vehicle hard drives has been a breath of fresh air too.

The level of support received by the Exeros team (special shout out to Joe!) has been amazing, really responsive and beyond the call of duty, I had an open line to Joe over the weekend the last van was stolen which was really helpful.” – Crispin Hardy, Managing Director.