Stephen Sanderson TransportOVERVIEW

Stephen Sanderson Transport is a family-owned distribution and warehouse company operating from the Midlands. Established back in 1973, the company has great heritage and is a reliable and respected name in the transport industry. Operating a diverse fleet of over 70 vehicles, it serves a wide range of businesses and sectors across the UK and Europe.



DVS Installation on Stephen Sanderson Fleet

Meeting with DVS compliance and improving overall fleet safety 


With a large and mixed vehicle fleet, Sanderson transport required an experienced provider to meet with growing vehicle compliance and improve overall safety features in their vehicles.

Sanderson wanted all newbuild Scania trucks to meet the FORS Silver/ DVS 2020 standard. This would enable them to travel in and out of London in line with TfL guidelines for the Direct Vision Standard. Furthermore, one provider was preferred to cover both the light commercial cars and vans, alongside the HGVs.

The existing onboard vehicle safety solution at the time had proven to be somewhat effective when vehicles were involved in accidents. However, it did not meet the FORS Silver and DVS 2020 standard. There had also been several issues downloading footage and there was no effective means to check for system faults.



DVS/FORS Silver Compliant Safety Kits | 4G LiveView | Full Software access on PC & mobile


The Exeros solution included a live modular system to upgrade fleet safety and significantly minimise road risk.

Depending on vehicle type, we recommended the installation of a combination of our fully integrated and highly robust TrackEye cameras with 4G LiveView enabled and tracking. Furthermore, to fully eliminate blind spots and warn the driver in case of vulnerable road users around the vehicle, our proximity sensors, left-turn alarm and in-cab monitors were installed, making the fleet DVS 2020 and FORS Silver compliant.

To make downloading of footage easier and faster to access, the solution provided has a dedicated viewing software, which is smartphone enabled, providing full software access to all vehicles. This enables the client to view and download events as they happen from mobile or desktop.


“Through a detailed understanding of the operational, financial and safety opportunities available through the Exeros offering, our business was able to benefit from a scalable technology, available at the right price, which in turn delivered a maximum return on investment.
In short, the solution has paid for itself. Benefiting from the vehicle cameras, we have streamlined our operation. For what is a fairly simple and effective solution, we have been able to provide crucial evidence against fraudulent claims which has ultimately saved unnecessary cost and time to the business.”- Rory Jeacock, Customer Support Manager.




Sanderson Transport Results

Operationally, the DVS solution allows Stephen Sanderson Transport to record footage from key areas around the vehicle, most importantly where blind spots exist. The system included 4G connectivity so at any time, irrespective of location, the team at Sanderson’s can log in to see where the drivers are, where they have been and as and when required can download video footage straight from the cameras to their desktops without the vehicles having to return to their depot. This has proven invaluable should an allegation or incident occur, as within minutes the team can see exactly what happened. Exeros has been beneficial for the entire traffic office particular with driver training and management as this solution allows them to monitor the actions of the drivers more carefully and accurately whilst out on the road.

From an insurance perspective, the months following installation have seen Stephen Sanderson Transport disprove two false claims. Not only has the solution proven its worth in disputing claims but has helped improve driver behaviour. Most obvious reason being, that drivers are now able to operate with improved visibility and drive safely without having to worry if a third party is in their blind spot. Within weeks of installation, one of Sanderson’s vehicles was involved in an incident but was not at fault for the collision. Thanks to the easy to use replay software the Trackeye camera solution ultimately provided the crucial evidence that ended the dispute, reducing the hassle and financial impact of the incident.



After exploring various options, engagement with Exeros identified numerous solutions for not only reducing road risk and protecting insurance premiums, but also reducing operational costs as well. Stephen Sanderson Transport wanted to ensure standards remained at the highest possible level and in line with their ethos of always striving to be the best in the business.

Through Exeros’ DVS  Trackeye Camera and tracking solution, Sanderson’s will sustain their existing high-quality standards whilst further enhancing service delivery across other areas of their operation. Not only does the solution provide crucial evidence in the event of road traffic incident with a third-party claim, but the vehicle camera tech also allows the team at Sanderson’s a greater insight into what has been loaded onto the vehicle and how it was handled. This important information will help improve Sanderson customer experience and journey throughout.



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