During these unprecedented times, businesses across the UK are making adjustments to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Exeros Technologies are working closely with many healthcare providers, as well as, monitoring guidelines set out by WHO and the UK government.

Due to the fact that we support businesses across a wide range of critical industries, Exeros Technologies remains open for business. Having said that, do rest assured we’ve taken important steps to enhance our service; including fully sanitising vehicles during installations and our stock from the warehouse.

At its core, Exeros Technologies is all about “safety first” and it remains our top priority as we face the challenge of responding to the COVID-19.


Here are the steps we are taking

For Vehicle Installs

Stage 1: Protective Clothing: Our engineers will be wearing full PPE (including full suit, masks, goggles and gloves) and will maintain a reasonable distance (approximately 1-2 metres) from other people on-site.

Stage 2: Complete Disinfection and Sterilisation of Vehicles: Before commencing installation, our engineers will disinfect the air and all surfaces inside the vehicle.

Stage 3: Completion of your vehicle installations. 

Stage 4: Signatures: Upon completion, no signatures will be requested. Instead, full names will be taken, and our team will self-sign and email you the installation report.


For Stock Distribution

All our stock is now being thoroughly disinfected using very stringent methods prior to being dispatched. We are also actively checking with our supplier chain network to ensure that all precautionary measures are being taken.


Measures being taken back at the Office

Upon arrival to work: Upon arrival, every employee is required to immediately sanitise their hands, disinfect outer garments and check their temperature.

Work-from-home Policy: In order to mitigate the risk of further spreading of the virus, where possible, employees have been asked to work from home.

Feeling unwell: Any team member who is feeling unwell, is required to self-isolate and remain at home.

Travel: Any team member who has been abroad will go through the government process of isolation and testing.

Meetings: Where possible, all face-to-face meetings have been shifted to online conference calls.


We encourage existing and prospective customers to call us for any assistance or enquiry or to discuss any of the above. We’re always happy to share our processes and discuss other ways we may be able to help you.

We will continue to closely monitor developments and will provide timely updates as and when requirements change. We remain committed to our customers and at this stage will continue to provide ongoing service and support.


Jay Biring
Managing Director