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DVS 2024

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

Compliance made easy.

Direct Vision Standard 2024

  • The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is aimed at increasing the safety of HGVs over 12 tonnes entering or operating in Greater London.
  • From October 2024, a minimum 3-star rating (currently 1-star) will be required for HGVs to continue operating within the enforcement area.
  • A PSS Kit (Progressive Safe System) is required for any HGVs who do not meet the 3-star rating from manufacturer.
  • Permits granted following October 2024 will be valid until the 28th of October, 2030. Learn more on our latest 2024 Progressive Safe System Kit.

Exeros have both rigid and articulated vehicle compatible PSS kits to help fleet operators with DVS 2024.


Why the Direct Vision Standard?

Official data reveals that HGVs in London are responsible for 63% of cyclist fatalities and 25% of pedestrian fatalities in collisions.

The 2024 update of the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) aims to level-up the requirements raising the minimum DVS vehicle star rating from one star to three stars, and in doing so working towards eliminating road fatalities by 2041.

Introduced by Transport for London (TFL) in 2019 as part of the road to Vision Zero Scheme, the DVS scheme measures a driver’s view from the windows of their HGV cab. A star rating between zero (poor) and five (excellent) stars is granted, indicating the level of risk for pedestrians and cyclists travelling in close proximity to the vehicle or better, in the HGV’s blind spot.

All HGVs travelling in and out of greater London need to have a Direct Vision Permit.

If your vehicle does NOT meet the required star rating, a DVS Progressive Safe System is required to be granted a Permit.

**The DVS Progressive Safe System is a number of vehicle safety technologies that is retrofit on a vehicle in order to increase its indirect vision and meet the necessary rating.

We have successfully fitted thousands of DVS Kits since its inception, with the majority of operators requesting more tech.


Exeros DVS customers

What are the 2024 Progressive Safe System Requirements?

  1. FRONT BLIND SPOT: A Moving Off Information System (MOIS) fitted to the front of the vehicle with active alerts warning driver.
    **In line with Technical Specs for PSS provided by TFL.
    Systems complying with BSIS UN 159 will meet requirements.
  2. NEARSIDE BLIND SPOT #1: A Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) with active alerts warning driver.
    **In line with Technical Specs for PSS provided by TFL.
    Systems complying with BSIS UN 151 will meet requirements.
  3. NEARSIDE BLIND SPOT #2: A nearside Camera Monitoring System, or Class V and Class VI mirrors, completely eliminating all remaining nearside blind spots, if any.
  4. AUDIBLE ALERTS: Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning warning cyclists and pedestrians when a vehicle is turning left.
  5. SIDE UNDER-RUN PROTECTION: Fitted to both sides of the vehicle. Must comply with UN Reg 73.

The chosen PSS System will ONLY pass IF street furniture is NOT detected when tested.

In light of above, We HIGHLY recommend the use of AI Camera Technology.


Reach out on for more info.

DVS 2024 KIT

PSS Kit #1: Exeros BSIS & MOIS

An AI camera technology kit eliminating all nearside and front blind spots (with optional rear-view); imminently alerting the driver of any danger.

  • Eliminates all false alarms with no shortfall in detection
  • Latest camera technology seeing up to 30m back, 10m forward and 7.5m out.
  • Superior object recognition: Easily identifies between a cyclist, pedestrian or fixed object.
  • Audible & Visual Alerts: Customisable alerts to fit the specific requirements.

Vehicle Applications: Both Rigid & Articulated HGVs

**All PSS Kits also come with warning signage.


Why choose Exeros for DVS Compliance?

Exeros brand is synonymous with top-quality technology.

All products are tried-and-tested to the highest standards and offer guarantees to its quality.
Committed to providing a top notch service, Exeros has an inhouse customer support team as well as an engineering team to help on anything you might need.Referrals are the number one way of how we win new business; and that says a lot.

Our After-Sales Customer Support is par to none. We take great pride in supporting and growing our relationships with our existing customers.
We offer a range of payment options including Capex, leasing and deferred options.

Want to know how Exeros can help you become

DVS 2024 Compliant?

Client Success Story

Stephen Sanderson Transport – Staying DVS Compliant with Exeros

Stephen Sanderson Transport took the Direct Vision Standard as an opportunity to enhance their fleet. Since installing our DVS Safety Systems, they experienced a 33% decrease in false claims, significant insurance savings, and immediate improvements in driver behaviour. Thanks to the installed system, Stephen Sanderson Transport were also able to provide crucial footage of blind spots and counter false claims, promoting safer driving practices along the way.

‘In short, the solution has paid for itself. Benefitting from the vehicle cameras, we have streamlined our operation.”– Rory Jeacock, Customer Support Manager.


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