HGV Safety Permit

For HGVs within the 0-2 star category, we assist with the installation of a DVS PSS KIT, followed by the safety permit application. Complete the form below and our friendly team will be in touch within 24 hours.

DVS compliant Progressive Safe System

Due to the new DVS legislation, a DVS Progressive Safe System is required for low star rated vehicle in order to increase its indirect vision and meet the necessary 3-star rating.

The Progressive Safe System (PSS) is an improved version of the DVS Safe System. From October 2024, a minimum 3-star rating (currently 1-star) will be required for HGVs to continue operating legally within Greater London, therefore a PSS Kit (Progressive Safe System) is required for any HGVs who do not meet the 3-star rating from manufacturer.

Our Top DVS Progressive Safe System Solutions

  • Exeros Blind Spot Detection Systems eliminates all vehicle blind spots, warning the driver and VRUs of imminent danger through an audible and visual alert.
  • Exeros AI Sky View 360 offers an all-encompassing 360-degree perspective of your vehicle’s surroundings, providing total blind spot elimination.
  • Paired with our transformative Video Telematics platforms VideMatics for easy management of your fleet intelligence.

Exeros Technologies have several DVS CCTV solutions that will help HGV fleet operators meet the Direct Vision Standard. Get in touch to explore how our road safety solutions can benefit your organisation via the Exeros interactive demo truck.

PSS Kit #1: Exeros BSIS & MOISPSS Kit #1: Exeros DVS BSIS System

An AI camera technology kit eliminating all nearside and front blind spots (with optional rear-view); imminently alerting the driver of any danger.

  • Eliminates all false alarms with no shortfall in detection
  • Latest camera technology seeing up to 30m back, 10m forward and 7.5m out.
  • Superior object recognition: Easily identifies between a cyclist, pedestrian or fixed object.
  • Audible & Visual Alerts: Customisable alerts to fit the specific requirements.

Vehicle Applications: Both Rigid & Articulated HGVs

**All PSS Kits also come with warning signage.


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