About us

Exeros Technologies provides bespoke smart camera systems to protect fleet vehicles, assets, and people. As a pioneering brand in the vehicle CCTV market, Exeros has the experience and technical sophistication to support fleet operators in mitigating risk and driving performance improvements – whatever the size or nature of the fleet.

We deliver custom configurations of camera-based visibility systems coupled with our fully-connected telematics platform for a video-on-demand LIVE view of events out in the field. Customers typically save up to 60% on fault claims costs and a 14% improvement in fuel consumption due to better driving behaviour across the fleet.

Founded in 2009 by owners Jay Biring and Joe Williams, Exeros Technologies initially focussed on the private hire car market becoming the first company to be approved by TFL to fit CCTV systems in London’s black cabs.

From truly modest beginnings, Exeros Technologies quickly moved on to earn a place in the industry as a pioneer of CCTV systems for fleets and has subsequently partnered with some of the largest fleets in the UK and abroad.

At Exeros we value integration and continuously pursue new opportunities to further advance vehicle and driver safety by bringing together all security components into one smart system

Our Offering

Working with global marketing-leading suppliers ensures that Exeros Technologies offers customers the most up-to-date camera-based safety technology in the market today.

To date, Exeros have installed over 15,000 CCTV systems into a variety of vehicles, including; heavy construction, fleet operators, highways agencies, blue light emergency services, light commercial vehicles, taxis and private and council bus operators.

In addition to flagship CCTV products, the Exeros solutions approach to fleet safety includes full-service offerings for telematics and reporting, ADAS with facial detection, 360 top-down views, SeeTrue anti-fog algorithm, and body-worn cameras all operating on a single software platform.

Our Vision

Exeros Technologies envisions a world in which road safety is a given for all road users; where you can be sure of reaching your destination without the level of risk currently facing fleet drivers and the general public.

Our ambition is to eradicate the loss of life from traffic incidents by making preventative measures evermore effective and, thereby, safeguarding the livelihoods of commercial drivers and protecting other road users.

Our Mission

Exeros Technologies and its network of partners are actively working to reduce the risks associated with commercial fleet driving.

To this end, we are pushing the boundaries of camera-based technology and taking a holistic approach to complete fleet monitoring and performance optimisation.

Exeros Technologies arms fleet managers with an all-in-one software solution for a complete view of fleet operations in real-time, and safeguards the livelihood of fleet drivers through intelligent camera technology for accident avoidance and all-around visibility with the capture of events from multiple angles, whether in or out of the vehicle.