Automatic Passenger Counting TechnologyToday, Exeros Technologies has announced the successful installation of the latest passenger counting technology on Somerset Passenger Solutions’ (SPS) bus fleet, the company responsible for the transportation of thousands of workers to  and from Hinkley Point C (HPC), Europe’s largest construction project.

This cutting-edge passenger counting (APC) system offers reliable and accurate data for public transport operators, accurately monitoring passenger boarding and disembarking locations and times.

The technology will allow SPS to process and analyse both historical and real-time data, enabling them to optimise vehicle frequency and routes and adjust vehicle capacity in a timely manner based on demands.

The technology comes with automatic event recording, as well as a powerful data analytics platform to adapt vehicle deployments to when the networks are busiest, inevitably lowering CO2 emissions.

“We are thrilled to finally launch this sophisticated technology to the bus market. Unlike previous tech, this high-precision solution relies on innovative 3D sensor technology to accurately map a person getting on or off.
Previously this has been a challenge due to errors in imaging techniques. Time-of-flight imaging is something we’re going to be seeing a lot of going forwards especially with the push towards autonomy in the vehicle space,” said our CTO, Jay Biring.

Andrew Wagstaff, HPC’s Passenger Transport Service Manager, said, “The Hinckley Point C construction project is constantly striving to increase the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of their passenger transport service, the primary means by which the workforce travel to site. By utilising the data made available by Exeros’ passenger counting technology, it is anticipated that further refinement of our routes and schedules will lead to an even more efficient and passenger-focused service being provided to our broad customer base.”

Darren Eaton, Commercial Director at SPS continued: “Our fleet of vehicles are responsible for all passenger journeys to and from Hinckley Point, working around the clock to ensure that construction remains on schedule. As the Hinckley Point project and our fleet continues to grow, this new upgrade to our valuable transport service will enable us to optimise service frequency and adjust vehicle capacity in a very timely manner based on passenger demands.”


Over the coming months, Exeros Technologies will be releasing a number of game-changing technology for bus and rail including new AI cameras for cyclist safety and driver assistance systems to help avoid accidents.

In line with TFL’s Vision Zero, Exeros continues working alongside its customers to eliminate road deaths and serious injuries on UK roads. Combined with other AI technology, the APC system is a very powerful module and an even more powerful total solution architecture.


To learn more about the technology, check out our Automatic Passenger Counting Solution here