Fog can hinder roadside traffic management operations, now Exeros Technologies has the answer. SeeTrue allows you to see through fog without any specialist hardware.

CCTV and managed motorways

Traffic cameras watch over many miles of us when we’re driving, high up above the tarmac you’ll notice single CCTV looking cameras on long poles. From here the Highways Agency can monitor congestion levels and incidents, either slowing traffic on the sections of managed motorways or changing signs to warn of problems ahead. You can even view these traffic cameras yourself to keep an eye on the roads before you set off.

Roughly 1,100 of the cameras use ANPR to monitor the flow of traffic across 500 sites along motorways and trunk roads, but these CCTV traffic cameras can also be a vital piece of the puzzle when accidents occur, often capturing what nobody else saw. The problem with these 1,500 cameras floating above our roads is that they’re all susceptible to one thing, the weather.

Current limitations

Many of the cameras have small window wipers fitted to allow them to clear rain, sleet and snow from their vision, but sometimes that’s not enough. Fog, haze or smoke simply can’t be removed. When this descends, the traffic cameras become next to useless.

Currently, a Traffic Officer would have to be deployed to the scene to assess how bad the situation is, fog warnings would then be displayed accordingly. This ties up a resource and potentially puts lives at risk while the control centre waits for feedback on the situation.

Exeros Technologies have come up with a solution, SeeTrue. Our unique algorithm can allow cameras to see through the fog; making roadside traffic management in poor visibility possible.

Our system works by measuring the differences in direct, diffracted and scattered light. It then accurately identifies the depth of the weather layers and removes them, giving a clear view of the road ahead.

The benefit of SeeTrue is that there’s no additional cost or retrofitting the existing hardware camera infrastructure, it can be embedded with systems currently in use. It can also sit at the server side processing images as an in-line filter to the live view.

Seeing a way through

Immediacy is critical in a system like this, and SeeTrue works instantly and with no delay to the actual scene, it even functions in real time up to 4k resolution. SeeTrue operates best with uncompressed footage but can equally be applied to compressed imagery.

With this new camera technology controllers are given a sixth sense by being able to see what the average motorist can’t. Thus enabling them to warn of fog or an incident far earlier than is currently possible, they could even direct emergency services safely to a crash in poor conditions.

Low investment cost and easy integration mean this enhanced vision can help keep motorists safe across Britain’s road network.

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