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Commercial Fleets

Light Commercials to HGVs

Fleet CCTV for Light Commercials to HGVs

Fleet CCTV systems for Light Commercial and Heavy Goods vehicles.

Our commercial Fleet CCTV systems provide 1080P HD video, live GPS fleet tracking and real-time live vehicle video. Multiple vehicle camera views are available to capture all blind spots.

Exeros vehicle CCTV systems operate on both 12VDC and 24VDC circuits and can be installed into vans and light commercials as well as HGVs.

Fleet CCTV - Key Benefits

  • Reduced costs

    Installing vehicle camera systems can reduce fleet insurance premiums by up to 20%

  • Protection

    Vehicle camera systems offer protection against false claims and cash for crash scenarios.

  • Added Security

    Protection of company assets, greater security and theft deterrent.

  • Improved Fleet Operations

    Vehicle camera systems encourage safe driving behaviour and offer increased fuel economy.

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