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Emergency Services Vehicle CCTV

Emergency Services

Emergency Services Vehicle CCTV

Custom configured cctv systems for blue and amber lights vehicles. Our intelligent vehicle camera systems can be specifically configured to offer global security and emergency services a completely advanced and reliable solution that can consolidate data from intelligent high definition cameras, ANPR optoelectronics, facial recognition software and biometric scanners into one reliable and highly sophisticated platform. EXEROS are continuously working with with the UK’s Ambulance, Police and Fire services, including Avon Fire and Rescue, RAC and Highways England.

Emergency Services CCTV - Key Benefits

  • Complete data security

    Custom configuration and encryption for data protection.

  • Live communication

    View and analyse your vehicles driving routes, speed and direction remotely and in real time.

  • Reduced costs

    Installing vehicle camera systems can reduce fleet insurance premiums by up to 20%

  • Protection

    Protection of company assets, greater security and theft deterrent.

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