Since 2009, EXEROS Technologies has been a pioneering force in vehicle safety technology, providing smart camera solutions to safeguard transport fleets nationwide. 

With the vehicle safety product range now featuring AI driver-assist, anti-fog and 360o systems – and with more innovations on the way – the company has grown far beyond the origins of vehicle CCTV, leading to the new brand identity.

For over 10 years, the original logo carried the company from a humble start-up that won Transport for London approval to fit CCTV in black cabs to a nationwide leader in vehicle safety technology working closely with the UK’s biggest fleets, including Highways England, CEMEX and RAC groups.

Old and new exeros technologies logos side by side

EXEROS Technologies – Logo Evolution

The new logo symbolises the three core areas of focus for the business: development, software and hardware. The themes of connectivity and movement are central to the new branding.  At the very core EXEROS keeps their customers seamlessly connected to their teams and their assets through the ground-breaking technology that underpins all EXEROS vehicle safety solutions – technology that is continuously moving forward – just like the company itself.

The Company Founder and Technical Director, Jay Biring, remarked:

This is just the beginning of a very exciting and transformational time for EXEROS. We pride ourselves on developing and installing intelligent vehicle safety systems that truly mitigate collisions and road accidents. Our new brand identity, bolstered by the impending website refresh, greatly supports our mission as well as our commitment of innovation to our customers and partners.