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SkEye View 360

SkEye View 360

A 3D top-down view that eliminates all vehicle blind spots.

Empower drivers with total visibility around HGVs and large machinery.

Gain visibility of vulnerable road users and other potential hazards with a 3D top-down view that eliminates all vehicle blind spots.

SkEye View was specifically developed to give drivers and operators the ability to assess the entire area surrounding their fleet vehicle or machine in a much simpler way.

360 SkEye View provides fleet drivers with all-around visibility of the vehicle's surroundings in a single view.

Seamless simplicity

360 SkEye View screens comparison

SkEye View 360 replaces the overloaded split-screen view of tradional CCTV multi-cam setups with a seamless 3D view all around the vehicle.

With less cognitive load, faster decision making is possible for drivers; keeping them safer and in control at all times.


How it works

The system simultaneously captures live camera views and instantly processes, combines, blends and stiches them into one; providing the driver with a completely unified view of the vehicle in real time.

SkEye View 360 can also be added to our Vehicle CCTV solution and can be expanded to include ADAS internal and external modules.

Watch the video for an idea of how SkEye View could help protect your fleet at work.

Key Features

  • Faster visualisation for safer driving

  • Zero blind spots with true 360 coverage of the vehicle

  • Augmented reality for use on any machine or vehicle type

  • Protects drivers and vulnerable road users

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