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DVR for up to 12 Cameras

VIDEO: Mobile DVR – TrackEye DVRs | GPS Tracking with Live Video

TrackEye 8 + 4 HD Hybrid DVR

TrackEye 8 + 4 HD Hybrid DVR can record locally to hard drive but is also capable of using our Live+ module, meaning that live video can be streamed in real-time from the vehicle. Additionally, the GPS live tracking module provides live vehicle tracking and the DVR can even be securely enclosed in our lock box. The mobile DVR device has a number of additional customisation modules that are listed below in the product overview tab below.

This system is one of the most rugged and advanced fleet monitoring platforms available today and even has built-in smartphone integration for complete control of the fleet. The smartphone app ensures that you can see whats happening 24/7 no matter where you are or at whatever time of the day.

Why do I need a DVR?

A CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the brains behind your CCTV system. Essentially, your DVR is an onboard computer for processing and storing video captured by your fleet. This robust device saves video images to a hard drive for secure retrieval, physically or remotely, as needed.

DVRs can record from multiple cameras in 1080p high definition for crystal clear video, and is the central hub responsible for security, storage and network connection to the cloud server.

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TrackEye 8 + 4 HD Hybrid DVR

  • Up To 12 Cameras

    1-12 video channels. Wide variety of vehicle cameras available, including infra red, PTZ & laser cameras.

  • Large Storage Capacity

    Store up to 1TB worth of data to Hard Drive. Up to 30 days recording (based on 4 channel setup).

  • Adjustable Image Quality

    Image quality adjustable. Extend recording times by adjusting image quality.

  • Voltage Management

    Voltage management prevents from vehicle battery drain. System shuts down when vehicle battery low.

  • High-Res Recording

    8 cameras can record un D1 at 25FPS plus 4 cameras in 720P at 30FPS recordings.

  • Audio Available

    Audio compatible. Capture sound in and around the vehicle.

  • Video Loss

    Built in video loss alarm. Intantly recognise if footafe is being missed.

  • Temperature Control

    Temperature control to ensure optimum system functioning. Innovative fanless design.

TrackEye® Vehicle CCTV system can be easily installed on:

Suitable vehicles for Trackeye CCTV systems by Exeros

TrackEye® Vehicle CCTV - HGV Packages

TrackEye® Vehicle CCTV HGV packages

For more information on system features, customisation options or to discuss you requirements in detail, please feel free to contact our dedicated team today on +44 (0) 208 303 1188.




Vehicle CCTV Benefit Checklist

  • Reduction in Fleet Insurance
  • Protection of Company Assets
  • Quicker Claim Resolution
  • Prevention of False Claims
  • Improvement in Driver Behaviour
  • Reduction of Fleet Risk
  • Elimination of Vehicle Blindspots
  • Prevention of Crash-for-Cash

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