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AI Facial Recognition System

Driver Fatigue Management

AI Facial Detection System

What is an AI Facial Recognition System?

Our new AI Facial Detection System is the successor to Sleep Watcher-XR. Intuitive and compact, this internal camera system helps drivers to stay alert and focused on driving. It achieves this by detecting distractions and signs of tiredness, bringing the driver’s attention back to the road with visual and audible alerts in real time. The system continuously scans the driver for signs of fatigue, mobile phone use, smoking and prolonged signs of distraction.

Why fatigue management matters

Research carried out by ROSPA  shows that driver fatigue factor may contribute to as much as 20% of road accidents. Coupled with the contributory factor of prolonged distractions like in and out-vehicle distractions, phone use, eating and others, this percentage increases. Brake Road Safety Charity has recently conducted research which found that the key distraction factors among drivers are:

  • Visual – (sat navs, looking at objects, people outside).
  • Mental – (thinking about something, conversations with passengers, phone calls).
  • Auditory– (listening to someone on the phone, music and noises outside the vehicle).
  • Physical – (typing, smoking, eating and drinking).

Driver fatigue management

AI Facial recognition system uses facial infrared cameras that monitor human eyelid and retina status. It watches and assesses the drivers retina and eyelids for signs of fatigue – usually when a driver begins to fall asleep, their eyelids will slowly close and their retina darken, becoming less sensitive to light changes. Within seconds of the driver beginning to fall asleep, the system will recognise these signs and alert the driver with loud audio tones and warnings, waking the driver and potentially saving their lives and the lives of other road users. Drivers who are warned by the system are far more likely to concentrate or pull over to rest.

Facial Recognition and prolonged distractions

The system detects when fleet drivers are distracted and looking away from the road, and will warn them of doing so. This can be anything from reading a text message, being distracted by passengers, looking out of the side window for prolonged periods or even adjusting the radio for too long – all of which are responsible to thousands of accidents every year on the roads. When the system senses driver distraction it will emit a different warning tone advising the driver to concentrate on driving and to pay attention to the road. The sensitivity of the systems and time delays for warnings can be set according to user requirements. The system has an alarm output feature. When an alarm is triggered, the unit can send a low voltage signal to third party hardware like GPS tracking devices and our vehicle DVR systems that have alarm input sensors.

Complete Fleet, Vehicle and Driver Safety

AI Facial Recognition can be fully integrated with our Advanced Driver Assistance System  (ADAS). Both systems combined deliver a complete safety suite of AI-driven technology to fleet vehicles and drivers – both inside and out.

Key Benefits

  • Improves driving style

    Development of a balanced and safe driving style.

  • Mitigate costs of driver inattention

    Prevent unnecessary costs from avoidable road incidents caused by human error.

  • Help protect your people and assets

    Keep your fleet safer and running smoothly.

  • Identify driver training needs, individually

    Sensitivity of the systems and time delays for warnings can be set according to user requirements.

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