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Driver Training

Driver Training and development

Simulator-based professional development for fleet drivers.

Delivered by professional coaches and utilising the latest in virtual reality and vehicle simulators; commercial driver training forms a key component of a holistic Smart Visibility approach to fleet management.

Our commitment to protecting the livelihood of fleet drivers includes helping operators ensure continuous development options are readily available, including bespoke modules for specialist machinery and scenarios. 


Driver training Simulator by Exeros

Driver training Simulation in action

Driving Simulations and Virtual Reality learning modules have become the safest way to conduct driver training, having gained popularity with military and institutional organisations. Exeros now brings these solutions to commercial fleet operators and their drivers.

The use of best-in-class vehicle simulators makes training in any conceivable machine and scenario possible without exorbitant costs or associated dangers.

Our simulators are fully portable, and we can offer training at any UK or European location.

Courses are designed to improve spatial awareness, curb mobile phone use while driving, enhance low-speed vehicle control and, most crucially, effect a reduction in collision rates.

Training courses include:

  1. Virtual reality parking and manoeuvring
  2. Night driving and fatigue simulation
  3. Distracted driving
  4. Winter driving
  5. Motorway driving



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Exeros driver training simulators and VR-based professional development

Help your drivers to:

  • Better navigate driving in low light conditions and recognise hazards earlier.

  • Understand causes of fatigue and learn coping strategies that work.

  • Experience challenging motorway conditions.

  • Master parking and manoeuvring in urban areas.

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