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Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics

Telematics Fleet Management Software

Optimise Your Fleet Performance with Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics management software by EXEROS is designed to track your fleet drivers and assets while on the road and assist in helping your company to run a more efficient transport operation.

From monitoring driver behaviour to encouraging more fuel-efficient driving our telematics technology can help transform your fleet operations.

Coupled with Fleet Management software portal, our solution enables fleet operators to cut incident rates, slash fuel costs, plan more efficient delivery routes and get the evidence footage quickly and easily.


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Fleet management software by Exeros technologies features pc, laptop and mobile phone with telematics data displayed

Pictograph with the Key benefits of using fleet telematics software by Exeros Technologies. Reduced fuel consumption up to 22%, Improved Uptime by up to 15%, Reduced Accident Events up to 14%, Reduced maintenance up to 12%

Benefits of Fleet Telematics


Our fleet telematics software ensures the safety and productivity of your fleet and people, by giving you a greater insight into the performance of your drivers and vehicles to target efficiency savings, road safety and other operational improvements:

  • Automated incident reports monitor your fleet and drivers using behavior data analysis
  • Driver league tables, accurate risk-scoring and event data can be used to reduce accident rates
  • Cloud-based event recorder instantly uploads data in the event of an incident or accident
  • Assess and score your drivers for comparison over any period
  • Reduction of insurance premiums and accident pay-outs


Fleet Telematics Explained


Telematics system – Case Study


Working with a UK leading DIY and trade van fleet Exeros were asked to support the fleet management of 170 small commercial vans and company 700 cars. The telematics data collected demonstrates that on average fleet van fuel consumption was 31.46mpg.

After three months telematics use, average mileage had risen to 36.08mpg. That’s an improvement of 14.7%. At a sample fuel price of £1.11 based on an average monthly 2,090 miles, this resulted in a saving of £42.89 saving per vehicle per month.

Average miles saved: 138 per month
Average cost per mile: £0.14
Overall annual cost saving across the fleet: £34,000

Prior to the installation of telematics, the average mileage by a trial vehicle was 2,228 miles per calendar month. Following the implementation of telematics, this has reduced on test to 2,090, a reduction of 138 miles.


Read Full Case Study here


Computer screen with fleet telematics displaying vehicle data via Exeros fleet management software portal.

Software features


Gain a closer look at poor driving behaviour that might occur such as harsh acceleration, braking, over-speeding and others:

✓ Real-Time Tracking – Live position, speed, distance travelled with vehicle and driver ID

✓ History – Historic information

✓ Reporting – Comprehensive customisable management reporting suite

✓ Alerts –Alert notifications that suit your needs

✓ Geofencing –Set locations, boundaries, routes and zones

✓ 3rd Party Integration – Driver recognition via keyfob or existing ID card

✓ Administration – Vehicle usage, connectivity and users


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Why choose Fleet Telematics?

  • Operational efficiency gains

    Direct your workforce as needed in real time with 24/7 monitoring and traffic reporting.

  • Protect against false claims

    Provide fully encrypted data to support insurance claims and prevent crash for cash incidents.

  • Aid driver development and training

    Full driver profiles and reporting for individual and fleet level performance management

  • Access to data within minutes of an event

    Get notifications of events and near real-time access to data remotely via the cloud.

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