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SeeTrue Algorithm

SeeTrue Algorithm

SeeTrue Anti-Fog Camera Algorithm

Why SeeTrue?

With the majority of large UK traffic pile-ups being the direct result of poor visibility conditions, and the steep cost of Radar and Lidar technology being prohibitive for current vehicle safety measures, there is a real and immediate need for a technology that works with existing cameras to unblind drivers caught in the midst of the fog and haze.

SeeTrue offers manufacturers and automotive integrators a safer way to see us out of harm.    

What is SeeTrue?

Reduced visibility in fog impacts our ability to drive, move over water, fly, and transit land by train. Our revolutionary SeeTrue anti-fog camera algorithm enables users to see clearly through fog, haze, mist, rain and smoke by handling live video images and displaying a visibility-enhanced live view of the actual scene. It does this without IR projection.

The SeeTrue  Algorithm integrates with camera systems and strips off the unwanted weather-affected layers down to raw footage with no loss of resolution. SeeTrue can be utilised in wide variety of scenarios where immediate visibility enhancement is a necessity.

SeeTrue vs LIDA

Unlike other systems that reply heavily on optical component-based laser and infrared or thermal technology, SeeTrue uses an algorithm-based software that seamlessly integrates with the camera system, it can also work as a post processing unit. SeeTrue can either be embedded to new cameras or added server side/ as an in-line filter to existing cameras and is available at a fraction of the cost of Lidar and Radar alternatives with comparably better results.

How SeeTrue Works?

What makes the algorithm unique is its ability to distinguish between direct, scattered or diffracted light (i.e. bending of light). SeeTrue can accurately identify the depth of the affected by weather layers and strip them off, giving transport operations a clearer view.

SeeTrue Anti-Fog Algorithm can be embedded to existing or new camera systems, enabling transport operators to see clearly during bad weather conditions. 

SeeTrue Applications

  • Security – CCTV, surveillance, border checkpoint scans, transportation
  • Transport – Passenger and cargo ships, trucks, trains, traffic cameras, self-driving technology
  • Marine – Ports, ships, fishing vessels, yachts
  • Aviation – ATC – Air traffic control towers
  • Fire-fighting, Search and Rescue – Fire vehicles, portable units or appliances

Key Advantages of SeeTrue Algorithm

  • Seamless Integration

    SeeTrue technology can seamlessly integrate with virtually any kind of camera-based optical system.

  • No Extra Solutions Required

    SeeTrue does not require specialised optical solutions (i.e. works with standard, visible-range cameras and glass optics)

  • Image Clarity and Definition

    SeeTrue technology optimises visual information in raw video data and provides best results when applied to uncompressed footage. It also works with compressed imagery.

  • Ultra HD Capture

    Works in real time up to HD 720p/1080p/4k resolutions.

  • Flexibility

    SeeTrue is capable of further visibility enhancement than the existing optical methods utilised for seeing through fog, haze, smoke, etc.

  • Extended Visibility Range

    SeeTrue can significantly extend the visibility range in video and images - sharpness, contrast and colour of scene objects are recovered.

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