The Updated DVS Safe System Is Here

As October 2024 gets closer, the race for HGV fleets to get DVS compliant under the announced updates is now on.

One thing that everyone is talking about is the Progressive Safe System (PSS).

What is a Progressive Safe System (PSS)?

The Progressive Safe System is the key to fleet compliance and is essentially an advanced variation of the DVS Safe System. The introduction of the more advanced Progressive Safe System is an effort to keep up with technological advancements made in the past few years, ensuring all HGVs within London are hitting maximum safety precautions by using the most reliable and effective tech.

The majority of HGV fleets operating within and around Greater London will need to install a Progressive Safe System to achieve a three-star rating and therefore obtain a DVS permit.

Who needs a Progressive Safe System (PSS)?

Any HGV over 12 tones with a DVS star rating of under 3 stars will need to install a Progressive Safe System before the 28th October 2024.

The DVS star rating measures the quality of vision from the driver’s seat to the vehicles surrounding areas. The quality of vision is dependent on both standard features of the vehicle (i.e. window sizes, mirror types, etc.) and the add-on of safety tech (i.e. camera monitoring systems, sensors, etc.).

Don’t know your HGVs star rating? Enter your registration and find it here.

A three-star HGV will be the minimum rated HGV over 12 tonnes legally operable within and around Greater London from October 2024. If your fleet is rated below three stars a Progressive Safe System will need to be installed on your fleet.

When do Progressive Safe System (PSS) installs start?

As soon as possible! We have experienced an influx of PSS install bookings since the official TFL DVS 2024 announcement. With this being said it is important fleet operators book their Progressive Safe System installs at the nearest opportunity to ensure compliance and guarantee a HGV safety permit for the next 10 years.

Where can you get a Progressive Safe System (PSS)?

Exeros Technologies have 3 Progressive Safe System kits on offer, each one ranging from meeting to exceeding the 3-star minimum depending on what your personal fleet needs are.

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