Running a large commercial fleet can be stressful and expensive. We know the pressures fleet operators are under to achieve optimal performance and lower running costs. Here’s how our customers manage to achieve savings of up to 60% on fault claims and generate a return on investment of up to 6 times within 12 months – gaining real value from a fleet vehicle CCTV system.

Yearly insurance claims savings with a Vehicle CCTV system fitted

It is well known that vehicle CCTV systems help drastically reduce fleet insurance premiums. By providing footage of the incident, disputes can be resolved quickly and correctly, by time 

also reducing false claims. Cutting the frequency and severity of such claims can help reduce fleet insurance premiums. 

But the question remains – how fast can insurance premiums be reduced following the installation of a vehicle CCTV system?

Fleet operators of course welcome immediate reductions while insurers look at historic claims experience prior to granting premium reductions. Insurers look favourably at the installation of vehicle CCTV systems as such solution undoubtedly improve claims experience and might address some existing issues.

We have took it upon ourselves to investigate the average savings experienced by our clients in a one year period following installation. Based on a fleet of 50 HGVs, a typical fleet saw a reduction of 61% in the amount of claims, from a total of 36 claims down to 14. This resulted in an average yearly savings of 60% on fault claims amounting to an average of £246,000 in cost savings.

A typical vehicle CCTV system pays for itself 3.5 times in just the first year of operation.

Potential for significant claims savings

On average companies that invest in high-quality vehicle CCTV across their fleet have reduced the number of false claims by up to 60% whilst the cameras actively encourage proactive driver improvement, thereby further reducing the likelihood of accidents in the future.

case study data pictograph displaying annual insurance savings when vehicle cctv installed by exeros technologies

If a company is self-insured they could be potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in claims costs each year with our systems paying for themselves up to six times within the first year. Alternatively, they can expect their insurance premiums to be reduced by at least 20%.

Many of our happy customers have reported saving more than enough money within the first year to have completely paid for their systems (a single claim worth £80,000 was recently resolved quickly in our client’s favour by giving the insurer vital video footage as evidence to prove liability).

Another great benefit of having a reliable vehicle CCTV system is that in the event of a crash or similar incident involving a third party, the video footage can be quickly downloaded and easily exported to any recipient for instant viewing. This helps in proving liability, making the entire claim resolution process quicker and less stressful for all concerned parties, therefore reducing the overall cost of claim administration fees.

Drastically reducing the number of road incidents

The most reliable way to safeguard both drivers and vehicles whilst dramatically reducing overall fleet costs is to install high-quality vehicle CCTV camera systems. This will provide ALL the tools a transport operator needs to boost the efficiency of their fleet with the added advantages of making each vehicle safer and helping to reduce the number of false claims and accidents.

Once a high-quality vehicle CCTV system is installed -both internally and externally- the cameras can be utilised as visual/parking aids which completely eradicate all blind spots when driving and give the driver greater visibility when manoeuvring or parking, significantly lowering the chances of accidentally killing or seriously injuring any vulnerable road users (including pedestrians and cyclists).

The result is that each vehicle in the fleet is safer and fully compliant with new initiatives like FORS and CLOCS, in addition to being cheaper to run and more efficient to operate.

Safeguard vehicles and drivers

The Exeros’ TrackEye vehicle CCTV solution allows fleet managers and transport operators to live-stream HD footage from individual vehicle cameras across the entire fleet directly to their desktop PC or mobile device at the touch of a button.

The hardware also incorporates a 2-way audio communication into the dash-screen offering a direct link between the transport manager and each vehicle/driver in the fleet – a feature typically used by emergency services and blue light operations.

The result of this is that a company can instantly track, monitor and communicate with each of their vehicles and drivers in real-time, a huge advantage in any critical situation and important for safeguarding the fleet from any logistical dangers. This has proved especially useful for hauliers crossing international borders where the danger of unauthorised access by individuals could cause a serious security breach.

In some cases, large companies have had to destroy millions of pounds of stock after unauthorised access to load areas has meant cargo is spoiled an unsaleable but high-quality video footage has been vital for use as evidence in court.

All video footage is saved on the MDVR and will include accurate latitude/longitude information with current address, average speed and time/date embedded as a watermark in the file. The in-built accident sensor can even detect harsh braking or a collision, automatically tagging the file and issuing an email alert to the relevant managerial staff so they can quickly review and download footage at the earliest opportunity.

Client Success Stories

MixIt (Modern Mix) are market-leading concrete pump hire specialists operating in the South East of England and have over 20 years’ experience in domestic and commercial requirements.

With a large fleet of drum mixers, concrete lorries and mix-on-site trucks, Transport Manager Glen Beckwith is responsible for ensuring each vehicle and driver is safe, secure and efficient while keeping overall running costs to a minimum.

Since fitting Exeros vehicle camera systems for safe manoeuvring and monitoring purposes in 2013 the company has seen a substantial 60% reduction in claims with a steady 32% reduction in incidents per annum from 2014. As a result, the insurance company have reduced their premiums by 8.5% per vehicle, meaning that the fleet is now safer and cheaper to run, while evidence of any incidents or accidents can be quickly downloaded, making the resolution process quicker and less stressful while reducing associated costs.

The installation of high-quality vehicle CCTV systems across the fleet has also meant that Mix It Concrete is now compliant with the highest FORS safety standard and can be proud of their gold status.


Mark Luck Ltd are a modern transport company providing waste services to the construction and building industry. A strong commitment to their clients is achieved by providing a professional, reliable and quality service, ensuring vehicles are maintained at high standards and fitted with the latest technology.

The company has been in business for over 20 years and due to the large coverage of their fleet, was starting to receive an average of 50 claims per year, many of which were not the fault of the drivers and were a huge cost to the business.

With the rise of cash for crash and other fraudulent claim scams, the insurance premiums were rising and the need for clear footage as evidence to protect both the drivers and trucks was a high priority.

After recommending a specific 5-camera solution, owner Mark Luck had the Exeros TrackEye installed into 15 trucks upon witnessing the reliability of the technology, and now requests the same system is fitted into all new vehicles.

The benefits of having this heavy-duty vehicle CCTV system fitted into each truck are evident through the impressive 44% reduction on the number of paid out claims and a 40% reduction on insurance premiums that has saved the company £4,050 per vehicle! Mark explains that despite initial reservations, his drivers are now supportive of the new technology:

“Having the proof to show insurers helps because you can’t argue with it. My drivers didn’t like it at first, but now they feel more secure. I would recommend Exeros’ technology to any haulier”

Further info

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